Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dear Friendz,
Please pardon me for the big delay in posting any episodes. In last two weeks I was really busy (my sister got married), and so I will be for the oncoming two weeks. Because I have 03 exams to face, including 05 big articles to summarize.
I know you will forgive me for this, as you have always been kind enough to do. Hope you will wait and visit me again in 2 weeks.

I wish you all a nice time and eagerly awaiting your visit to this pot gula in two weeks time.



  1. Good Luck for the exams akki, all the best!

  2. ඔයාගේ අක්කිටයි ඔයාටයි දෙන්නටම සුබ පැතුම් හොදේ පුළු පුළුවන් වෙලාවට එහෙනම් දෙන්නකෝ